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2080 Uniquely generated cybercitizens living on the ergo blockchain

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990 NFT's available to sell!

Mint coming soon!

When you buy a cybercitizen, you're not just buying an NFT . Your cybercitizen gives you membership to an exclusive city.



Current Auctions:

Current CyberCitizen auctions can be viewed here


Map of the cybercity


Mr. Pixel

Pixel Artist, Project Lead


Programmer, Generation of NFTs


Community Manager, Administrative Duties


Website developer


Game Developer


1.) What are cybercitizens?

CyberCitizens are 2080 unique, randomly generated pixel nfts living on the ergo blockchain. Each of the cybercitizens have attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system.

2.) How do I know my NFT is unique?

2080 cybercitizens were minted, each having different attributes and varying in rarity. A full list of the traits and rarities your citizen has can be found here.

3.) How can I mint cybercitizen?

Your citizen can be minted on this website.

4.) Why cybercitizens?

Cybercitizens was created with a commitment to futuristic concepts and each one is carefully inspected to ensure they pass our "standards". Holders of CyberCitizens will be eligible to receive special airdrops. Finally, We also aim to create collectible NFTs that can retain and possibly increase in value for participating community members.

5.) How can I see my NFTs?

Visit this url:, Enter your desired wallet address to view tokens on that address.

6.) When is Roadmap 2.0 being announced?

The new and bigger roadmap will be announced in early 2022. BE READY!