Cyberia Virtual Real-estate

Cyberia Virtual real-estate is the first of many purchasable areas within Cyberia. We are proud to present the first ever condominiums for sale within Cyberia, ranging in size from small, medium, large and penthouse suites!

The exact date of release will be published shortly! Be sure to visit our discord and sign up for the whitelist in order to ensure you can mint an Apartment!

Upon purchase, you will have access to your unfurnished condo within Cyberia. Inside you will find various pieces of furniture available to you in order to customize your condo to your liking! In the future these furniture pieces will cost $CYPX but for now they will be free for all testers! The game is still being developed, and the opening date will be announced soon!




    Bathroom: 1
    Kitchen: 1
    Living Room: 1
    Extra Room: 1


    Bathroom: 1
    Kitchen: 1
    Living Room: 1
    Extra Rooms: 2


    Bathroom: 1
    Kitchen: 1
    Living Room: 1
    Extra Rooms: 4


    Bathroom: 1
    Kitchen: 1
    Living Room: 1
    Extra Roomss: 6



1.) How many NFTs are available?

As a first drop we plan to drop an initial supply of 75 apartments! Although we plan to continually drop apartments as we continue development of Cyberia.

2.) What is the mint price?

For whitelisted addresses - 40 ERG, for public mint - 44 ERG

3.) How do I mint my apartment?

For this drop we will be using our old method, simply send X ERG to the indicated address and you will receive your NFT shortly!

4.) Is there a whitelist?

Yes, we have seen the interest by our community for a whitelist. To qualify for a whitelist you must hold atleast 2 CyberCitizens + verify your address in our discord whitelist channel! The whitelist will be ending June 12, 2022 at 10 PM UTC

5.) What are CyberCitizen NFTs?

CyberCitizens are playable NFT characters in our upcoming game, learn more by visiting theF.A.Q on our home-page!

6.) What are our plans for the future of Cyberia Real-Estate

What you are seeing in the clip above is just the early stage of what we want to accomplish. We plan to expand heavily with our plans such as adding NFT furniture, businesses, lands and much more! This stage of customization is just for early versions of the game and we would love to hear some feedback and opinions from the community!